How to know when a tree stump removal is necessary

Understanding the benefits of removing a tree stump

To some, a tree stump can be an eyesore. To others, it can be a safety hazard. Whatever you think about the tree stump in your backyard you’re probably wondering why it’s still there. The rest of the tree including the trunk and branches are generally easy to remove. Depending on the size, health and species of the tree, it can be very difficult to remove the stump. Some homeowners choose to leave the tree stump in due to the difficulty of removing it.

A tree stump could be in an awkward position such as the corner of the backyard where it’s right up against the fence. If this is the case it can be very challenging to remove the stump and its roots without damaging the fence in the process. Sometimes it’s more about the cost of removing a tree stump. The tree removal process can be cheaper when the removal of the stump isn’t included in the service fee.

So how do you know when a tree stump removal is necessary for your backyard? It can come down to your personal preferences for the way your backyard looks, pricing for tree removal, and the safety of your backyard. You have to weigh up the pros and cons for yourself when it comes to tree stump removal. To help you make the right decision, we’ll break down what the benefits and disadvantages are for keeping a tree stump or calling on a tree stump removal service.

The look of your garden

A tree stump on its own can become an instant eyesore in your backyard. Especially when it’s standing on its own in the middle of the lawn where everyone can see it. If your tree stump is in a dense, bushy area it may not be so obvious. One way to cover up your unsightly tree stump is to surround it with dense garden features like pot plants, shrubs, bushes, or features like a fountain or garden bench.

Another reason to be concerned with a tree stump is the effect it has on your property’s value. If you’re looking to sell your house then an unsightly tree stump is only going to hamper the look of it. Your backyard can look more unkempt with a tree stump in it. A front garden is often part of a prospective buyer’s first impression when they see a house. So when they spot an unsightly tree stump, it may give them the impression that the house hasn’t been maintained very well.

Causing a safety hazard in your backyard

Many parents appreciate the value of playtime for kids in the backyard. But safety should always be a top priority. As a parent, you want to rest assured that your kids have a backyard to play in that’s free from safety risks. Unfortunately, a tree stump can pose a significant threat to safety in your backyard. It’s easy for anyone to trip and stumble over the root or the tree stump itself.

A tree stump can also be a liability. Imagine a neighbour or local trips over a tree stump in your front yard. You could be deemed liable for the incident and may have to pay for a costly lawsuit if someone sustains injuries from tripping over your tree stump. All of this unnecessary stress can be avoided by simply organising a tree stump removal for your front yard.

A pest control issue waiting to happen

One of the unfortunate issues with dead plants and trees is that they can attract pests. That’s why it’s so important to regularly prune the trees and plants in your backyard. When there’s less dead plant matter, there’s less food for pests and diseases. Unfortunately, dead tree stumps can instantly become a haven for garden pests and diseases.

Carpenter ants, termites, and other insects that feed on the wood are naturally drawn to dead tree stumps. Once these insects make a meal of your tree stump it’s only a matter of time until they make their way over to the healthier plants and trees in your backyard. Their presence in the backyard can also spell bad news for your home. As you’re probably already aware, insects like termites can make the jump from trees to the timber frames of your home.

So without ordering a tree stump removal, you could be putting the structure of your home at risk. If your home is prone to pests like termites and carpenter ants then it’s best to eliminate anything that might attract them in the first place.

Order a tree stump removal from Daryl’s Tree Care today

If you want to avoid all the risks associated with having a tree trunk in your backyard there’s a simple solution you can rely on. Call a tree stump removal expert today. Here at Daryl’s Tree Care, we have the right equipment for carrying out a fast and effective tree stump removal. Our experienced and skilled arborists understand the safest and most effective ways to remove a tree stump without putting the rest of your backyard in harm’s way. Contact us today to get a free quote on a tree stump removal for your backyard.

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