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Tree removals vary widely in their size and difficulty.  Because no two tree removal jobs are the same, providing a reliable quote without examining the tree and property in person is almost impossible.  Too many factors influence the scope of the project, such as canopy density, trunk girth, and carrying distance to the chipper and truck.

While some homeowners may attempt a simple tree trimming, amateur tree removals can quickly go awry when the direction of the fall of limbs or the trunk is miscalculated.  Unfortunately these errors can result in property damage or in bodily harm or death, in the most tragic cases.  Only small tree removals can be deemed safe to be performed by an amateur, but even those small jobs can easily end up being an all-day Saturday project.

Tree removals jobs are time-consuming and dangerous to both people and properties.  However, with proper equipment, our trained and skilled tree crew can remove trees of all sizes as safely as possible.  No seasoned tree company can ever boast in never damaging property when performing a tree removal job — because the nature of the job is downright dangerous, more so with larger removals.  It involves heavy limbs and trunks suddenly breaking away from their support source, and sometimes crashing to the ground.  This is why it is important to hire a professional and licensed tree company with a good reputation and the proper machinery, in order to help alleviate any potential dangers.


  • Canopy density
  • Trunk girth
  • Tree or palm species
  • Proximity of the tree to dump truck and chipper’s location
  • Ease or difficulty of the terrain
  • Number of trees
  • Proximity to structures, fencing, or sensitive landscaping
  • Proximity to hazards, such as electrical lines
  • Emergency work that requires immediate action, especially during the company’s off-hours


Provided are price ranges depending on the tree’s height, however, the range is wide due to the preceding factors that influence the final cost.

  • 30 ft or less = $100 – $500 per tree
  • 30 ft – 60 ft = $200 – $1,500
  • Over 60 ft = $1,500 or more per tree


To give a clearer understanding of what your tree removal can cost, here are some examples of removal jobs that are commonly incurred in Southern California.  As with all jobs, the cost can be lower or higher depending on the different factors that determine the ease or difficulty in performing the removal.

  • 50 ft Mexican fan palm with little or no dead palm frond skirt = approximately $800
  • 50 ft Mexican fan palm with a 15 ft frond skirt = approximately $1,500
  • 60 ft Eucalyptus with a base diameter of 24 inches = approximately $1,400
  • 50 ft Canary Island pine = approximately $1,200
  • 15 ft citrus tree = approximately $400
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Tree removal jobs involve the removal of everything from the base of the trunk and upwards.  On some jobs, the stump and roots are left to save on cost, but in most cases, they are removed to completely finish the project and prevent regrowth.  For this reason, we always recommend having the  stump removed along with the rest of the tree removal, but tree removals can be costly, so we understand when a client chooses to delay the stump removal for a later date.

As with any tree project, the cost for stump grinding varies greatly from as low as $50 for a simple, small stump to over $1,000 for larger stumps which are located on difficult terrain, such as a steep, hard-to-access slope.


Unfortunately, some trees can be very unpredictable.  Even the most non-threatening tree can suddenly fall — sometimes resulting in a devastating aftermath.  Due the sudden and urgent nature of emergency tree removals, the cost for these jobs tend to be higher than your average tree removal job.  Changes need to quickly be made to our company schedule, crews need to be redirected or even regrouped in the middle of the night, and our tree specialists get to work as soon as possible to clear out the fallen trunks and limbs.

The following factors influence the final cost of an emergency tree removal.

  • Urgency of the job
  • Size of the fallen tree and material
  • Odd working hours, such in the middle of the night or holiday
  • Difficulty and sensitivity of tree location, such as fallen trees on power lines or through homes

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