Tree Service

15 Years of Beautiful Trees

Dear Jeff,
It’s been 15 years since you started Arbor Aesthetics with a handsaw, a ladder, and a borrowed pickup truck. With incredible courage, you followed a spark in your soul and abandoned the safety of your college education in pursuit of something more meaningful. The journey has not always been easy, and the growth has not always been linear, but your grit and determination have remained steadfast, and that is how your business became a “15-year overnight success.”

You’ve proven that the American Dream is a real thing: turning passion into enterprise and creating opportunity with your own two hands. Aside from building a successful business, I am in awe of the personal growth that I’ve witnessed since joining Arbor Aesthetics six years ago. Day after day, you step outside of your comfort zone (and sometimes we have to push each other there), seek truth and understanding in the way you lead and show up for your people, and best of all – you drag every single one of us along with you to become a better version of ourselves. You are wise, passionate and inspiring. We are all better because of Arbor Aesthetics. Our company vision says it best: We’re Better Together.

Thank you for trusting me and having me along on this journey and for going along with my crazy ideas. Thank you for being the captain of our ship.

Your wife and business partner,

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